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New Titles


Written and Illustrated by: Larissa Honsek

The Unusual Circus

By: A. Mozille

Illustrated by: D. Panizza

A Different Place

By: Santiago Briceño

What is this, little Bird?

By: Miriam Gabbai

What do you say?

By: Lawrence Schimel

Illustrated by: Thiago Lopes

Sold to: Galicia

I Love Coats

By: Maria Laura Caruso

Illustrated by: Iñaki Echeverria

The School for Indecisive Princes

By: Eliandro Rocha

Illustrated by: Thiago Lopes

The Three Little Pigs

Illustrated by: Rosinha


By: Roxana Popescu

My Body

By: Larissa Honsek

The Well

By: Eliandro Rocha

Illustrated by: Paulo Thumé

I don't like Crusts

By: Jack Hanauer

Illustrated by: Stella Dreis

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